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When Solly Met Holly in Purgatory

…at that point I was so worn down, so tired out by all the nihilism and neglect that…

We drove and we drove and we drove all night.Fortunately it was all highway,so we drove on…

I think that in reality, reality is what you think.Physicality comes from the birds and the bees.People out there fluttering their wings,sometimes in synch, sometimes not.

…but in the back of my mind I knew that this car,this vehicle,our only means of transportation at present;already had thousands and thousands of miles on it.There are limits to mobility…aren’t there ?

So on we all flutter and onward we flop out of mommy’s tummy onto the playground and the merry go round…and round…and round.And its centrifugal force holds us on the spinning orbiting seat where we all try to grab hold of the Big Brass Ring of wisdom whenever we think that we see it.Constantly, continually,complacently,happily distracted by all the past, present and future potentialities for pleasure.

Screw the GPS. Without that battered,tattered ribbon of St. Christopher patron saint of travelers dangling from the rear view mirror, I’d be lost.Oh yeah.On all those trips,journeys and excursions; that’s what lighted the way.

People forget that going on a trip is going into a trance.And a trance is no walk in the park.Sometimes a person sees things that otherwise they would never see.And lessons are revealed and dictates given that later when they are back on land,they gotta deal with…and maybe even try to explain to themselves…and to the uninitiated.

Now we are moving so quickly that the road beneath rapidly becomes a memory.A memory of the future.We’re headed toward the Tomb of Illusion with our eyes wide open,heart in hand and so paralyzed with good intentions that I can’t even shift gears anymore.

And I’m really,really trying to make the most of this excursion and of our conversation.And I’m pretty sure that last night when I woke up from that vertigo nightmare and peeked over my night vision goggles – I saw the light at the end of  the…I cannot tell a lie…the Lincoln Tunnel.That’s some good news,huh?

I guess that there is some usefulness in that saying,”Guard your memories,because you can’t relive them.”But a whole lot of people do live their lives trying to do just that -relive all the best parts.

And sometimes if you’re kind of lucky, you dance,fall,stumble into the open arms of fun and good old down home frivolity -and that wonderful,glorious,unconditional condition of…whoopee! no strings attached!

I don’t want to rain on your or anybody else’s parade.Nor do I want to seem too down in the mouth or long in the tooth…but,even when a person finds the entrance into the most ornate and tantalizing frozen music, I think that it’s still best to enter with ears pealed for anxious,unfamiliar noises -but then again,maybe I’m being too cautious.

Hey, better deaf,dumb and blind than unaware.there are lots of ways to discover data – in fact there is too much data – but wisdom,that’s the Holy Cherished Grail for ever and for always.

Material acquisition is Fate’s way of anointing the righteous among us.That’s the fallacy that we all have to live with.That’s the grand fallacy that underlines and undermines everything that we do.

I saw an arm wresting contest one time between Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. I watched it on You Tube.It was viral.It infected millions and millions of hard drives.

It baffles me how anybody can deny that huge criminal conspiracies are rampant.Remember where it said,”Where ever two or more people are gathered in my name…

You got it all wrong that quote’s not criminal that’s biblical.Jesus Christ the Son of God said that…or was it Woody Guthrie?

So much skullduggery so often is cooked up behind the scenes,in shadows and fog.Fortunately that’s why their plans fail;they’re cooked in a fog.The perpetrators can’t see the jungle for the leaves.

That might be true,but you know that all mistakes need behind them is dogma,then they just seem like part of the process.That’s a fact…if there is such a thing anymore.The Internet might have killed fact and left his step-brother opinion to masquerade in his place.

And that would leave their poor, sorrowful mother Necessity weeping and wailing in the graveyard of regret.Trying pitifully to transcribe everything that she can,all the minutiae of a …you know, verse.

Think that Necessity is crying because of the violence or because of her loss?

Who was it that said,”Compassion is stretched to the limit in the modern world?”

Who cut Common Courtesy’s throat at the 1980 New Year’s Eve Gala? Because when Common Courtesy left True Evil got his foot in the door.And it didn’t take long for Sadism to blur the line between human pain and human comedy.And so here we are.

Well,chance can be a cruel master of ceremonies.Everybody knows that.

Sometimes a person can’t even recognize the fires of hell,even while staring into them.They might be with there friends and loved ones and just see it as a chance to get warm and cozy.

I hate how young people are exploited under the guise of patriotism.People that are young,naive and idealistic.Kids that are at that time in their life when they so eager to prove themselves.Those are the ones that are exploited.All that talent and potential becomes cannon fodder.

The best and the brightest down the drain,either that or the lost,aimless and misguided.I don’t know which is the worst situation.

Nowadays deception is so prevalent that even the truth tellers are suspect.

A person can only go step by step seeking the truth.It rarely appears in a epiphany.Seems like the only authenticity is in the pursuit of what’s real.At least then the pursuit is genuine.

That’s when  the good old instant replay is invaluable.Thank god for modern technology!

Ah yes! Modern science and technology,now you’re talking major deities.

Now I lay me down to sleep.I pray the Lord of cryonics my soul to keep.If I should thaw before I’m awake I’ll sue the company and break the bank.

Hey,birth pangs beat death pangs any day.

Someday in the not too distant future,precision might just lose its appeal.Serendipity might just become the Belle of the Ball,the Toast of the Town.

God help us!

God save the sacred cows! If she can find them- They won’t be in the usual pastures,that’s for sure.

Things just don’t ever seem as bucolic as before.What’s up with that?

Otis Elevator,IBM,Halliburton.I know what you mean.If Little Boy Blue blows his horn now,some irate motorist will give him the finger…or something worse.

Mother Earth is bellowing those Octomommy blues in the bluest blue of the night.

And wailing,”I’m gonna cry me a river and drown in my own tears.”

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