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sweet victory

she had a tattoo centered on her belly, just below her navel
that she contemplated,
above her vagina
in bold letters it read,“PLEASE ENTER IN REAR”

she felt that physical conception
was at least one mysterious but not very immaculate process
that she could usually hold dominion over

most of the other worldly majick was all a matter of how fast & persuasively she could comprehend & therefore apprehend
all the manifest force contained & the consequence inherent
that went way beyond any majick potions or shamanistic incantations all of her adult life

usually she remained intuitively staunch & intellectually fleet,but these days under the threat of  revelation she felt that
Trojan Horse of emotions slip past her character armor
with all the wily, treacherous troops let loose
she was in jeopardy of losing her skills
into a star-crossed vacuum that drained the vibrant self
that she had always been,

perplexed but not bewitched, she examined her alternatives

she reasoned & ruminated,
titillated as she had been many times before with the rumblings
& temptations of gender mischief
she went into action
she took her stand, waved her wand, struck up the band
bamboozled & conquered her foes like a man would…or could

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