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Mind and Perception

The universe which humans inhabit is acknowledged by the human sensory      system and by the human mind,however it is only within the realm of active mind that the universe achieves complete fruition.The five senses of human beings receive relatively immediate and seemingly constant impressions from the physicality of the world.These expressions of the property of matter also interact amidst the physical matter itself ;for example, in the motion of plants caused by sound waves.But it is only within the activity of the human mind,that is, the processing of incoming stimuli and the subsequent abstracting of that data that the full dynamic of existence is accomplished.

Within all matter,including the tiniest subatomic particle exists the potentiality for perception of that matter.This potentiality is part of its formal nature.Only when that formal nature is assimilated within the context of the human organism is its full essence realized and it is thereby actuated.For it is only within the process of mental activity that recognition ceases to be solely a passive phenomenon,but also takes on the further activity of formulation of sensory input and deliberation upon the impressions received.This continuous exchange and movement of energy creates an environment for a homeostasis of form which maintains the essence for material existence.

The input of physical stimuli upon the senses supply the human organism,aside from rare aberrations and hallucinations, the necessary co-ordinates with which the human brain can then decipher its environment and safely interact with the physical objects which are encountered.This interaction results in movement and therefore change within the agent and the receiver of the action.But the choice of just how and what interaction wil occur takes place as a product of mind action.

Within the capacity for abstraction which exists in the mind is the full actual role of the form of matter played out.Based upon the data which the brain receives compiled from the input of physical impressions of sight,sound,touch,taste and smell does the active mind therefore begin to examine and therefore act upon the potentialities of forms within the universe.These forms are defined and qualitated in a manner that cannot be duplicated in the processes of the sensory stimuli system.

Not only does the realm of abstraction which exists in the mind provide the environment for full actuation of the potentialities of form which exists in raw matter in the universe,but this realm is also the receiver and interpreter of other abstract knowledge shared within the realm of human discourse.This higher actuation can only take place within the activity of the human mind.This activity is fulfilled by the examination and evaluation of forms in regard to their validity existing in relation to physical impressions and other constructs of the active mind.

Just as a standard of validity is established within the physical environment by a qualitative measuring of the process of cause and effect,so also are certain criteria established by logic and intuition within the realm of active mind.The human mind functions as the medium within which full nature of form can be realized in a process that allows for infinite change and graduation.This realization at once represents a transformation within the form of the processing agent-the human mind.In this way does the active mind fulfill complete actuation.It is within this process of transformation and actuation that the human mind connects the necessary coordinates that present the occasion for self-contemplation,that is, the surveying of the species’ optimum position and role in the universe.

This reflexive mental activity further entails assimilation of contemplative knowledge into choice of action in the physical world.

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