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Immersed in the Plebian Ethos

All in all it had begun as a pretty quiet Thursday evening, much good craic abounded. Billie Klubb was working behind the bar and the Barroom Baboon sat off in a corner trying to figure out how to spell “pterodactyl” for a word puzzle magazine.The Dada Princess sat on his lap with his pecker up her ass.”Is that a double”y” in there or just one?”,the Princess screeched across the room to Billie.But by now Billie was up on top of the bar on one knee Al Jolson style attempting to wipe some beer puke out of a spittoon and she was oblivious to any other task.The Dada Princess got pretty perturbed when she got no answer and she leapt to her feet and started towards the bar.When she jumped up like that so suddenly,some shit fell out of her panties.This actually was the opportunity that the Barroom Baboon had waited for all night.He rose up off of his chair and before you could say,”Marquis De Sade”,he was down on all fours licking up that one solitary, pitiful turd that lay on the barroom floor.A positively satiated expression enveloped his visage.But the Dada Princess was on a mission and she was not about to give up on it.”Talk to me Billie! Talk to me! I’m desperate!”,she screamed. That had become obvious long ago.

“Okay.Okay, Princess chill out.I’m gonna answer your question.In fact,eventually I’ll answer any question that anybody can come up with.”

This kept the Dada Princess content only for a micro-mini second;and then she barked,”Com’n is there two “Y’s” or only one,when you spell pterodactyl?”

“Here is the real deal”,Billie began her soliloquy.”Both Braque and Ruiz did something astoundingly ambitious to even attempt to do what they did and to do it at that time.I guess that in some ways one could say that the time was right,but even so,to assimilate and to distill the general universal ethos and then to not only portray,but also to delineate the innate multidimensionality of human nature-or call it human habit- on a canvas…well that,that blows my mind.It’s incredible.”

Billie continued,”To me,to observe how they incorporated what was then the recent concepts of Freud and friends into their representations of private psychological and physiological tenets that they held is, in the terminology of Lord Buckley, a real gasser! Doncha’ agree?”

The Dada Princess paused silently and gazed off out the back window of the tavern.She seemed to be lost in some kind of secret revere that only her turd slurping pal might be privy to.After what seemed like an eon had passed,she raised her beer mug and tried to speak.

“They were…pretty much…completely out of the cage of self…out of that lumbering,constricting,restraining impediment…and out of the blue too…and out of the world,out of the attachment to hue,”the Dada Princess exhaled deeply and somewhere a twig snapped in Old Yellowstone;but ain’t nobody done heard that there twig snap ‘ceptin’ Tokay the Hare and he was too busy laying up his heavenly nuts to give all that crap any mind at all.

To this latest exclamation Billie Klubb was compelled to respond.”Hue is something else ain’t it.What with all that value and graduation and so on.”

Then there was the sound of lips smacking off in the cavernous barroom.”If ‘un ya take in the concept of a mathematical component then ya can really get drawn in.Drawn in not only in a sensory way,like when you look at the sunrise, but in a cerebral, intellectual way too”,Billie elaborated.

Finally at this point of the discourse the Barroom Baboon was up on his feet looking for more.And sure enough when he stumbled over to the tavern television they were broadcasting an old James Bond movie with Roger Moore starring in it. Eye need not tell you dear viewer how pleased as punch the Barroom Baboon was to be totally satiated  now twice in the space of just one hour.

Butt alas, our dearest Dada Princess, THAT was another story for another time…

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