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high on Golgotha

a so called “culture” that cultivates & nurtures
almost nothing
but corruptible seed & deviant deeds
where folly is rewarded as nobility once was

a “ho” culture that is not anchored in the whole,good earth
a society so overwrought & fragmented
that Babylon shudders & towering acts of depravity reek
as gluttony conspires to devour what little is left
of dignity

pimp your ride !
pimp your bride !
sell your sister
abandon your brother
barter for your mother
thirty dirty pieces of silver for Chrissakes !

the Madonna spread eagle on the altar of commerce
gang banged by bankers & gangsters of lust
as maimed Holy Innocence limps toward refuge,
while Doctor Strangelove guffaws & stuffs his pockets
& his face until his jowls protrude with the puss
of the gobbled up weak & defenseless & dispossessed of the land

look Ma no morals!
or scruples
or ethics
or empathy
wretched,demonic dog eat wretched,demonic dog
each & every (woe)man for themselves

the shrine of William Blake’s Jerusalem now blasphemed & burned
Satanic Mills erected in its ashes
the harlot draped in scarlet & purple lost in a metropolis
of eternal urban catastrophe
survival of the cruelest
a scheme of human conduct reprehensible & rotten to its devolutionary root

when does the Chariot of Fire finally arrive at last bringing justice
to save the innocent & the deserving from the devastating clutches of the enveloping mire?

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