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Eye a Theory

Humans crave power. From our first realization in infancy that it is possible, we seek the power to control our immediate environment and the other entities that inhabit it. With intuition and rationality, we invent and learn ways to manipulate others to gain what we desire. In essence only when we are in control are we even approaching an emotional state near contentment. Our desires manifest from our physical and complex emotional needs. Beyond the context of natural, organic development, our desires can grow exaggerated or perverse to the point of absurdity. Their fulfillment then becomes detrimental to our personal homo stasis and that of the planet and all other inhabitants

At some level everyone realizes that knowledge is power, and therefore the ability to control. Even brute force can be overcome by the methodological implementation of data. Witness the strategies of the Vietnamese in their conflict with the military might of France and then the United States. Historically, however, most major political changes have taken place through a combination of brute force and methodology.

The universal might of the United States of America today is the product of a meticulous blend of military power, technological wizardry and pervasive, intrusive data gathering.The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up was the cornerstone of this triad of systematic subversion of government for the people and by the people, that continues into the present day.

Within this skewed socio- political environment, citizens find themselves attempting to make informed and healthy decisions that impact their families, themselves and their fellow world citizens.

In his acceptance speech for the National Book Award in 1974, visionary poet Allen Ginsberg declared,” There is no longer any hope for the salvation of America‚Ķ” Nineteenth century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer theorized that only through art could man begin to realize a degree of his true human potentiality. It is within the context of this knowledge that each individual must plan, introspect and theorize – to find the wisdom with which to conduct their own lives.

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