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Blew yoke

At breakfast the egg was broken.Out came a young chick.Despite itsĀ  incompleteness & high utility bill;he took it under his wing.Went to Des Planes,Illinois with her.They both got jobs in a retread factory.Out of the frying pan into the tires.They were however,happy.

Their first few months together they ate a lot of corn & carrot ends.In awhile in order to make ends meet,he began to moonlight.His night time job was as a stand- in for a small theater production of “The Devil in Miss Jones”.He was ecstatic.For days he walked around whistling “Georgia”.The chick though was completely nonplussed.

One morning he awoke to find a note attached to his pillow.The note read in part,”…do not remove under penalty of law”.Taking a cue from the address on the note,he tracked his miffed ms. to a mattress factory in Guntown,Mississippi.

The reconciliation however, was not to be.The piqued chick was nowhere to be found.Available evidence suggested that she had split with her new egg man to marts unknown.Leaving one aspiring thespian aghast.

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